Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs in West St. Paul, MN

Are you in need of storm damage repair services in West St. Paul?


The harsh weather in Minnesota will impact your West St. Paul home’s exterior in more ways than one. From rain leaking through worn-down roofs and windows to hail stripping off roof shingles and gutters to wind shaking windows out of alignment, there are many signs that you need professional assistance before your home suffers severe damage!


It’s important that you protect the inside of your home from water damage caused by storms. If there are leaks or extensive cosmetic issues with your home or workplace in West St. Paul then you should consider calling a repair company for help restoring your building back into shape!

Experienced Restoration For Storm Damage

Galvin Home Renovations is a reputable company that specializes in home repairs and renovations. We have an excellent track record for providing precise restoration work on storm-damaged properties in West. St Paul, as well as stellar customer service which has been awarded an A+ by the Better Business Bureau!


We’ll fix any roof damage you have, from small leaks to destroyed shingles. And we won’t just repair hail-dented shingles – our team can completely replace your roof if needed! If your windows are letting in too many drafts after being battered by strong winds then we can restore them by applying new caulking and flashing. Hail and rain can cause serious damage to your siding but we’ll be able to restore its integrity. If you’re noticing more water coming in than going out of your gutters, our team will clear away any debris that could be blocking them so no leaks occur!

The Most Effective Storm Damage Repairs in St. Paul

The effects of weather on our homes and businesses are often overlooked, but they’re far from harmless. Call Galvin Home Renovations today for high-quality storm damage repair and restoration services in West St. Paul!

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