Effective Roof Repairs After Extensive Storm Damage

You can count on our highly trained roofing experts to make your roof good as new after a storm damages your home.

Hail Damage Repair and Restoration

Hail can do a real bang-up job on your home. Roofs tend to take the worst of the pounding, with asphalt shingles getting covered in dents and wood shingles getting splintered. Gutters and aluminum siding can also get all dinged up in a hailstorm, while vinyl siding is vulnerable to cracking when struck. Hail damage can mar the beauty and the stability of your home’s exterior, and can prove an insurance nightmare if you try to sell.

Quick and Effective Hail Damage Repairs

If your roof has been pounded down by one hailstorm too many, we can replace the shingles with a perfect match from the many materials in our arsenal, or something new; we recommend composite roofing if you want something hail-resistant. Hail-struck siding is both unsightly and exposed to future water damage; we can restore it with a range of weatherresilient materials from vinyl to steel. Gutters can get battered out of place and form leaks during a big hailstorm. Let us repair them to prevent future flooding.


Before next spring’s thunderstorms hit, hail a team of professionals to help you prepare! Call Galvin Home Renovations for fast, effective and affordable service that will help your roof and siding stand up against mother nature’s next beating.

Find Out More About Our Storm Damage Services in Minneapolis-St. Paul

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