Effective Roof Repairs After Extensive Storm Damage

You can count on our highly trained roofing experts to make your roof good as new after a storm damages your home.

Wind Damage Repair and Restoration

Trust us, we know; wind damage really blows. It doesn’t take a tornado to strip shingles off your roof and rattle your siding to its breaking point. Any thunderstorm can produce gales intense enough to wreak havoc on the exterior of your home. Once the integrity of your home has been damaged by windstorms, the interior will become much more vulnerable to other problems such as water damage.

Quick and Effective Wind Damage Repairs

If the wind’s taken a bite out of your roof, we can replace missing shingles or even redo the whole thing! We have a stellar line-up of materials at the ready to help you batten down the hatches before the next storm strikes. Wind-battered doors and windows are another big vulnerability on the sides of your home. Let us restore or upgrade them with weather-proof caulking and flashing to keep them airtight. The same goes for your siding; we have LP SmartSide, composite and other options available if you need a replacement.


Before the wind comes howling again, recruit an expert to keep the elements outside, where they belong. Call Galvin Home Renovations for fast, effective and affordable service that will secure your house against the mightiest of gusts.

Find Out More About Our Storm Damage Services in Minneapolis-St. Paul

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