Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs in St. Paul Park, MN

Do you require storm damage restoration services in St. Paul Park?


The durability and impact resistance of buildings in St. Paul Park is put to test with each storm. Hail hammers on rooftops, rain soaks through siding, and wind shakes windows until they loosen.


The best way to protect your home in St. Paul Park from storms is by hiring a restoration and repair company. Whether you need help with water damage, destroyed roof shingles or battered gutters, our professional repair service can fix it all!

First Class Storm Damage Restoration Services

Galvin Home Renovations is a company that specializes in restoring homes in St. Paul Park to their original state after they’ve been damaged by storms. We have built up years of experience and are well known for doing excellent work with top quality materials which has earned us an A+ from the Better Business Bureau!


The roof is an essential part of your St. Paul Park home’s exterior, protecting your household from rain and hail. Our professionals can repair roofs with premium materials that will last many years before they need another touch up. Windows leak after repeated battering by windstorms but we have the necessary skill to restore them back to good shape. Siding and gutters likewise experience wear and tear from storms over time but we can repair any damage to restore their integrity.

Reliable Storm Damage Repairs in St. Paul

The harsh weather conditions that we experience every day can have a devastating effect on our houses and businesses. Give Galvin Home Renovations a call today for the greatest storm damage restoration and repair services in the St. Paul Park area!

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