Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs in Mahtomedi, MN

Are you looking for storm damage repair services in the Mahtomedi area?


It should come as no surprise that Minnesota weather, especially seasonal storms, is hard on homes and businesses in Mahtomedi. Rain can leak through weathered roofing and siding to cause damage within, wind can break the seals of windows and doors, and hail may place massive dents in gutters and roof shingles. Even the most weatherproof buildings will begin to show signs of strain after years of storms.


Storm damage to the exterior of your house or office can open up the interior to water damage. If you’ve noticed drafts or leaks in your Mahtomedi property, it’s time to seek help from a repair and restoration company.

Professional Water, Wind and Hail Damage Restoration

Galvin Home Renovations can provide all necessary repairs, restorations and replacements for any damage caused by storms. Our experts always perform flawless work on Mahtomedi homes, and our unrivaled customer service has been acknowledged with an A+ from the Better Business Bureau!

Is your roof leaking after sustaining damage from a hailstorm? Our experts will repair your shingles or replace them with something tougher. Are your windows letting in drafts after being shaken loose by powerful winds? Our team will apply fresh flashing and caulking to restore them to their former quality. Has hail and wind dinged up your siding enough to create cracks? Our specialists will repair the damage so that it can endure many more storms. Are your gutters clogged up and overflowing whenever it rains? Our crew will clean them out and repair all damages.

Minnesota's Greatest Storm Damage Restoration Service

Rain, wind and hail can gradually destroy the exterior of your house or workplace over time. Give Galvin Home Renovations a call today for premium storm damage repair and restoration services in Mahtomedi!

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