Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs in Little Canada, MN

Are you in need of storm damage restoration services in the Little Canada area?


Between thunderstorms and snowstorms, Minnesota’s weather is consistently detrimental to buildings in Little Canada. Hail pounds down on rooftops and siding, rain overflows gutters and seeps through siding, and wind rattles windows and doors out of alignment. With each storm, your home or office is increasingly exposed to the elements.


After enough storms have struck your property, you’ll begin to see the damage on the outside and may notice leaks and drafts on the inside. Before your house or workplace in Little Canada sustains irreparable storm damage, get help from restoration and repair professionals.

High-Quality Restoration For Storm Damage

Galvin Home Renovations has a decade of experience with repairing and restoring all forms of storm damage using top-grade materials. Our crew has built a reputation in Little Canada for our exemplary work, and our attentiveness to our clients has earned us an A+ from the Better Business Bureau!

Roofing can be degraded by years of rain and wind but our specialists can repair your shingles with a wide variety of quality materials. Windows and doors may begin to leak after repeated abuse by wind but we can apply new flashing and caulking to restore their effectiveness. Siding can be chipped and even cracked by hail strikes but our team can restore it flawlessly. Gutters might begin to leak if damaged by hail and wind but we’ll be able to repair them so that they drain properly.

Top-Quality Repairs For All Weather Damage

Repeated storms will take a toll on the structural integrity of houses and businesses. Contact Galvin Home Renovations today for reliable storm damage restoration and repair services in the Little Canada area!

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