Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs in Lakeland, MN

Are you seeking storm damage restoration services in Lakeland?


Inclement weather takes a toll on houses in Lakeland over the years. Rain floods gutters and doorframes, hail batters roofs and siding, and wind rattles windows and roof shingles. If you’re concerned that your house may have suffered damage from a recent storm, bring in the crew that specializes in storm damage repairs and restoration.

Top-Tier Storm Damage Restoration

Galvin Home Renovations employs a crew of seasoned restoration specialists who make use of premium materials to repair storm damaged homes in Lakeland. Our team is fully equipped to remediate any and all storm damage, with some common services including the following:

• Roof shingles can be rotted away by rain and pounded away by hail. Our crew can repair damaged roofing or upgrade you to better shingles.


• Windows and doors are knocked off their axis by wind and their frames are corroded by rain. Our team can protect them with waterproof flashing and caulking.


• Siding may be cracked and dented by hail and debris kicked up during windstorms. Our experts can restore any flaws in your siding or replace it with something more weather-resistant.


• Gutters are often battered out of shape by hail and out of place by wind, then overflow when it rains. Our team can repair your gutters and remove any blockage to allow optimal drainage.

Premium Repairs For All Storm Damage

If your home’s durability is compromised by storms, the interior of your house may suffer severe water damage. Get in contact with Galvin Home Renovations today for the most reputable storm damage restoration and repair services in the Lakeland area!

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