Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs in Lake Elmo, MN

Are you searching for storm damage repair services in the Lake Elmo area?


Minnesota is infamous for its extreme weather, and all seasons may produce storms that batter down on homes and businesses in Lake Elmo. Wind whips against doors and windows, hail hammers on roofs and siding, and rain leaks in and puddles on your floors. With each storm, your building’s integrity is further compromised.


Repeated storm damage places severe wear and tear on the exterior of your house or office and opens the interior up to damage. If your property in Lake Elmo has recently been struck by powerful storms, you might need professional repair and restoration services.

Premium Repairs For Weather Damage

Galvin Home Renovations employs a team of experts equipped with high-quality materials that can be used to repair and restore any storm damage to your home or workplace. Our specialists have served Lake Elmo for more than ten years, and our top-notch customer service has been graded an A+ by the Better Business Bureau!

If your roof has deteriorated under the strain of hail and wind, we can repair damaged shingles or replace them with something more durable. If the wind has knocked your doors and windows off their axis, we can use new caulking and flashing to keep them waterproof. If your siding has been worn down by rain and hail, we can restore it or replace it with many different materials. If your gutters have been pounded out of shape by hail and overflow when it rains, we can restore them so that they drain properly.

The Best Storm Damage Restoration in the Twin Cities

Violent storms can have a devastating impact on homes and businesses. Call Galvin Home Renovations today for professional storm damage repair and restoration services in the Lake Elmo area!

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