Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs in Grant, MN

Would you like storm damage repair services in Grant?


With every storm, the exterior of your home in Grant will be weathered until it begins to show signs of strain. Wind thrashes at doors and windows, rain overflows gutters and hail pounds on roofs and siding. When your house begins to show signs of wear and tear, it’s time to call the storm damage restoration specialists.

Adept Wind, Rain and Hail Damage Restoration

Galvin Home Renovations has unrivaled experience with repairing, restoring and replacing storm damage to homes in Grant. Our talented repair crew can address all weather-related damage to your home’s exterior, such as the following:

• Has your roof started to leak every time it rains? We’ll repair damaged shingles to keep the water out.


• Have drafts started getting in through windows and doors due to wind damage? We’ll use new caulking and flashing to keep the wind at bay.


• Have dents and cracks appeared in your siding as the result of hail damage? We’ll restore it so that it’s fully weatherproof.


• Have your gutters been clogged and started to overflow in heavy rain? We’ll clean them out so that rainwater drains instead of flooding.

The Top Local Storm Damage Restoration Service

Every storm that rolls through your neighborhood puts a dent in your home’s integrity. Reach out to Galvin Home Renovations today for the premier storm damage repair and restoration services in the Grant area!

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