Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs in Afton, MN

Are you in need of storm damage repair services in Afton?


Homes in Afton are routinely pounded by intense storms throughout the year. Hail chips away at roofs, wind knocks doors out of alignment and rain leaks in through window panes. If a major storm has recently rolled through your neighborhood, you might need to seek help from a damage repair and restoration company.

High Quality Storm Damage Repairs

Galvin Home Renovations hires the best workers and equips them with the best materials to perform storm damage repairs on homes in Afton. Our team can restore any weather-related damages to the exterior of your home, including the following:

• Roofs often lose shingles from straight-line winds and hail strikes, which can leave your interior susceptible to water damage. We can repair your damaged shingles or replace your roof with a stronger material.


• The flashing and caulking around doors and windows can be compromised by strong winds and heavy rain. We can apply fresh caulking and flashing to make them waterproof.


• Siding can be damaged by hail and rain. We can restore it so it withstands the weather or upgrade you to more durable siding.


•  Gutters can be banged up by hail and overflow during rainstorms. We can repair any damages and unclog them to allow proper drainage.

The Twin Cities' Most Reliable Storm Damage Restoration

Your house may be built tough but years of storms will gradually wear down its integrity. Give Galvin Home Renovations a call today for dependable storm damage repair and restoration services in the Afton area!

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