Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs in Woodbury, MN

Are you seeking storm damage repairs in the Woodbury area?


Minnesota’s weather can be characterized as moody and temperamental. Seasonal changes bring about violent storms that can do a number on the exterior of your Woodbury home or business. Wind batters doors and windows with powerful gusts. Hail pounds away at roofs, gutters and siding, leaving it full of dents. Rain finds its way through cracks in the roof to leak down onto your ceilings and floors. And every storm leaves your house more vulnerable to the next one.


Storm damage compromises the exterior of your building and exposes the interior to leaks and drafts. Homes and offices with visible storm damage are also extremely difficult to sell. If your house or business in Woodbury has taken a beating from recent storms, it would be in your best interest to seek restoration and repairs from a team of professionals.

Reliable Repairs For Water, Wind and Hail Damage

Galvin Home Renovations has both the experience and the materials you need to remediate any and all storm damage caused to the exterior of your building. Our experts have offered efficient, effective and affordable service to Woodbury residents for over a decade, and our stellar work has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau!


If your roof shingles have been stripped away by high-force winds and hail, we can replace them with a perfect match from our inventory. Or, if you’re unsatisfied with the way your roof stands up to storms, our specialists can rip it off and replace it with something new and more durable.


Windows and doors are often jostled out of alignment by violent winds. Our team can restore them to avoid leaks and drafts, and apply fresh flashing and caulking to keep them storm-resilient in the future.

Siding receives a brutal lashing during hailstorms. If your siding has had its day, we can remove it and install replacements from a variety of materials ranging from cedar to steel.


Gutters tend to get dinged up during hailstorms, too, and damaged gutters may overflow with rainwater to cause leaks. Let our crew have a look at your gutters and we’ll restore any storm damage we find.

Storm Damage Restoration in Woodbury

Hail, water and wind can all cause substantial damage to the exteriors of homes and businesses in Woodbury. Galvin Home Renovations works tirelessly to repair and restore storm damage in the Twin Cities, and our excellent customer satisfaction rating is a testament to our success.


Call Galvin Home Renovations today for storm damage repair service that will make your home or business look better than new!

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