Storm Damage Experts in White Bear Lake

Dealing with the results of a damaging storm can be a handful when it comes to your home in the White Bear Lake area. If you’ve recently experienced a terrible storm and need high quality storm damage repairs, contact the professionals at Galvin Home Renovations.


Our team is laser-focused on helping homeowners and commercial property owners restore their properties as fast as possible. We have helped many clients throughout the greater Twin Cities metro area, and we can help you too in White Bear Lake!

Our Services

Galvin Home Renovations provides both repair and replacement services when it comes to storm damaged roofs, siding, doors, gutters and windows. Here are a few ways we assist:

Roofing repair and restoration: We would put in our best efforts into repairing and restoring your roofing, so you no longer have to worry about leaks or future storms.


Siding installation and repair: We specialize in quality siding installation and repair with various materials to pick from. Afterwards, your home will look as good as new!


Window repair and installation: If your windows have been cracked our damaged due to a recent storm, our windows and doors professionals will replace the damaged products with brand new ones.


Gutter Protection and Provision: We can also help you by installing a brand new gutter system to replace your old one, or to guide water away from your home to avoid flood damage.

Quality Storm Damage Replacements

If you’re looking for top-notch storm damage repair or replacement services for your home in the greater White Bear Lake area, contact our professionals today!

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