Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs in Mendota Heights, MN

Do you require storm damage repair service in the Mendota Heights area?


It’s no secret that Minnesota’s weather is hard on houses. Every season brings waves of storms that can cause severe damage to your home or business in Mendota Heights. Hail strikes dent and crack roof shingles, siding and gutters. Straight-line winds knock windows and doors askew. Rain leaks through damaged roofs and siding to cause water damage within. While buildings are designed to withstand storms, years of enduring the elements wears them down.


Storm damage to the exterior of your home or business puts the interior at risk of water damage, which can cost a small fortune to repair and make your property unsellable. If a building you own in Mendota Heights has been battered by recent storms, you might want to reach out to a professional repair service to repair the damage.

High-Quality Hail, Wind and Water Damage Restoration

You can rely on Galvin Home Renovations to conduct any repairs or replacements that you may need for your home or business in the aftermath of powerful storms. Our specialists provide premium restoration services to Mendota Heights citizens, and our signature combination of flawless work and friendly customer service has been awarded an A+ by the Better Business Bureau!


Roofs often take the brunt of the damage during storms. Our professionals will repair all damage to prevent water from leaking in, and we can replace your shingles with something more weather-proof if you’re concerned about future storms.


If your windows and doors have been shaken loose by turbulent winds, we can restore them with a new round of flashing and caulking to prevent leaks and drafts. Our crew can also install new windows made from a myriad of different materials, from wood to aluminum.

Hail, wind and heavy rain can all chip away at the siding of your house or office until it loses its integrity. Don’t worry, we can restore it so that it’s good as new.


Gutters may get clogged from debris thrown about in windstorms, which can cause them to overflow the next time it rains. We’ll clean your gutters out and repair any hail damage we find while we’re at it.

Premier Storm Damage Repair Service

Don’t stand by while rain, hail and wind ruin the exterior of your home or business in Mendota Heights. Allow Galvin Home Renovations to put our great skill and experience to work as we show you why we’ve developed a reputation as the best storm damage repair and restoration service in the Twin Cities.


Get a hold of Galvin Home Renovations today for storm damage restoration that’s a cut above the rest!

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