Storm Damage Restoration & Repairs in Maplewood, MN

Do you need storm damage restoration in the Maplewood area?


If there’s one thing that every Minnesotan knows, it’s that our weather is unpredictable and often intense. Spring thunderstorms and winter windstorms can both wreak havoc on the exterior of your home or office in Maplewood. Wind tears away at roof shingles, doors and windows. Hail smashes against roofs, siding and gutters. Rain seeps through cracked shingles and siding to rot the wood beneath. Every storm wears away at your house, little by little.


Once the exterior of a home or business has been compromised by storm damage, the interior becomes vulnerable as well. This can lead to costly interior repairs and make your home difficult to sell if you fail to complete them. To restore any exterior damage to your home before it gets to that point, you should employ a professional storm damage repair service.

Excellent Restoration For Storm Damage

At Galvin Home Renovations, our staff possesses a great breadth of knowledge and experience, and has access to all the tools and materials required to repair and restore storm damage to your property. Our team has been serving Maplewood residents for the past decade, and our consistently excellent work has been awarded an A+ Grade by the Better Business Bureau!


Roofing can be cracked, dented and ripped off by powerful wind gusts and rotted by rain. Our experts can repair or replace your roof with everything from asphalt shingles to cedar shakes.


If your windows and doors have been knocked off their hinges by powerful winds and dinged up by hail, we can restore them with fresh flashing and caulking. Or, if you feel they’re not holding their own in storms, we can replace them with something new.

Rain and hail take a real toll on your building’s siding. Let us repair it seamlessly or replace it with any of the quality siding materials we work with.


Gutters can be knocked out of alignment by wind and, if clogged, can overflow during rainstorms. Our team will repair it so the water flows freely and doesn’t cause leaking in your home or business.

Water, Wind and Hail Damage Repairs

Storm after storm threatens the integrity of homes and businesses in Maplewood. Luckily for locals, Galvin Home Renovations provides expert repair and restoration services to the Twin Cities, and prioritizes satisfying our customers above all else.


Contact Galvin Home Renovations today for storm damage restoration that will have your building ship-shape before the next storm hits!

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