Full-Service Storm Damage Restoration in Cottage Grove, MN

If you’re a resident of Cottage Grove, then you may have had to deal with extreme storms and possibly damage caused by sudden storms and hails. Because of these weather events primarily during the summer and winter months, many homes and businesses end up severely damaged. But when this happens, Galvin Home Renovations has got you covered!


You can contact Galvin Home Renovations for all storm damage repairs and replacements in the Cottage Grove area today.

Reliable Wind, Water & Hail Damage Restoration Services

Whenever a storm hits, you can rely on Galvin Home Renovations to put your property back to the way it was, or even better. Our repair and replacement restoration services are provided by leading professionals in the industry who are dedicated to giving you a safe and high-quality home. You can receive residential and commercial services at great prices.

What Services Can You Receive?

There are different storm damage restoration services that you can receive from Galvin Home Restoration. Some of these services include window and door replacements, roof repair and restorations, siding repair and replacement, and installation of gutters. All of these come together to restore your home exterior.

Contact Us Today!

After the storms hit, you don’t have to worry about damages and repair. You can contact us at Galvin Home Restorations today for leading storm damage restorations services.

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