Roofing Services in Afton, MN

Are you in need of roofing services for your home in Afton?


The roof of your home in Afton protects you from the worst of Minnesota’s weather. However, over time the protection that your roof provides can gradually diminish. When this happens, your roof needs to be replaced by the dedicated roofing specialists at Galvin Home Renovations.

Roofing Installations & Replacements

At Galvin Home Renovations, we’ve been offering roof installation, replacement and repairs for homes in Afton for over a decade. We’re local roofing contractors who know exactly what your roof has to face over the seasons. 

We can install a variety of different types of roofs to protect your home including:


Asphalt Shingle Roofs – These roofs provide good wind protection and come in several affordable colors and styles.

Cedar Shake Roofs – Effective insulation and reliable weather protection make these natural-looking roofs a good choice.

Composite Roofing – Roofs that provide fantastic fire and hail resistance despite being a low-maintenance option. Available in several styles.

Metal Roofing – Durable, lightweight, low-maintenance roofs durable enough to last for over 50 years.


All of our roofs come with a five-year, in-house warranty to give you peace of mind regarding their quality and reliability.

Afton's Leading Roofing Specialists

Our professional roofing services enable you to protect your home against Minnesota’s unpredictable weather. Get in touch with Galvin Home Renovations today for the best roofing services in the Afton area!

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